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  • Drakontas --- Mobile team collaboration for mission-critical command and control and incident management.
  • Bellerophon Mobile --- Research and development in computer networking and information management for mobile and extreme environments.
  • Applied Informatics Group @ Drexel University --- Mobile and content based networking, agent-based computing, ontology driven integration.
  • Secure Wireless Agent Testbed @ Drexel University --- Mobile networking, agent-based computing, ontology driven integration.
  • Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory @ Drexel University --- Knowledge representation for digital archives and repositories in electromechanical engineering.
  • Intelligent Time Critical Systems Laboratory @ Drexel University --- Robotics, uncertainty, and computer science education.


Selected few follow; full list here.

William Regli, Joseph B. Kopena, Michael Grauer, Timothy Simpson, Robert Stone, Kemper Lewis, Matt Bohm, David Wilkie, Martin Piecyk, and Jordan Osecki. Semantics for Digital Engineering Archives Supporting Engineering Design Educaton. AAAI AI Magazine, vol. 31(1): 2010, pgs. 37--50.

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Joseph B. Kopena, William C. Regli, and Boon Thau Loo. Message Models and Aggregation in Knowledge Based Middleware for Rich Sensor Systems. In Proceedings of VLDB Workshop on Data Management for Sensor Networks (DMSN), 2009.

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William C. Regli, Israel Mayk, Christopher J. Dugan, Joseph B. Kopena, Robert N. Lass, Pragnesh Jay Modi, William M. Mongan, Jeff K. Salvage, and Evan A. Sultanik. Development and Specification of a Reference Model for Agent-Based Systems. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, vol. 39(5): 2009, pgs. 572--596.

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Joseph B. Kopena, Evan A. Sultanik, Robert N. Lass, Duc N. Nguyen, Christopher J. Dugan, Pragnesh J. Modi, and William C. Regli. Distributed Coordination of First Responders. IEEE Internet Computing, Special Issue on Crisis Management, vol. 12(1): 2008, pgs. 45--47.

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Michael Gruninger and Joseph B. Kopena. Semantic Integration Through Invariants. AAAI AI Magazine, Special Issue on Semantic Integration, vol. 26(1): 2005, pgs. 11--20. (invited)

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Joseph B. Kopena and William C. Regli. Functional Modeling of Engineering Designs for the Semantic Web. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, vol. 26(4): 2003, pgs. 55--62. (invited)

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Joseph B. Kopena and William C. Regli. DAMLJessKB: A Tool for Reasoning with the Semantic Web. In Proceedings of International Semantic Web Conference, 2003.