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Non-Work 2020

Reading 2020


  • The Narrows. Connelly. Bosch series 10.
  • Ghost Story. Butcher. Dresden Files 13.
  • Changes. Butcher. Dresden Files 12.
  • Turn Coat. Butcher. Dresden Files 11.
  • Small Favor. Butcher. Dresden Files 10.
  • White Night. Butcher. Dresden Files 9.
  • Proven Guilty. Butcher. Dresden Files 8.
  • Dead Beat. Butcher. Dresden Files 7.
  • Blood Rites. Butcher. Dresden Files 6.
  • Death Masks. Butcher. Dresden Files 5.
  • Summer Knight. Butcher. Dresden Files 4.
  • Grave Peril. Butcher. Dresden Files 3.
  • Fool Moon. Butcher. Dresden Files 2.
  • Storm Front. Butcher. Dresden Files 1.
  • Lost Light. Connelly. Bosch series 9.
  • The General Grant's Gold. Allen.
  • City of Bones. Connelly. Bosch series 8.
  • A Darkness More than Night. Connelly. Bosch series 7.
  • In the Wake of Madness. Druett.
  • Island of the Lost. Druett.


  • Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead. Russell. Charles Hayden/Themis book 4.
  • Take, Burn, or Destroy. Russell. Charles Hayden/Themis book 3.
  • A Battle Won. Russell. Charles Hayden/Themis book 2.
  • Under Enemy Colors. Russell. Charles Hayden/Themis book 1.
  • Riptide. Preston & Child.
  • The Last Wish. Sapkowski. Book 1 of the Witcher stories.
  • In the Heart of the Sea. Philbrick. Tale of the Essex, the whaleship that inspired Moby Dick.
  • Something in the Water. Steadman.
  • Angels Flight. Connelly. Bosch series 6.
  • Trunk Music. Connelly. Bosch series 5.


  • The Last Coyote. Connelly. Bosch series 4.
  • Sword and Pen. Caine. Great Library series 5.
  • Smoke and Iron. Caine. Great Library series 4.
  • Ash and Quill. Caine. Great Library series 3.
  • Paper and Fire. Caine. Great Library series 2.
  • Ink and Bone. Caine. Great Library series 1.
  • Inland. Obreht. Really great, original, western, focused around Muslim characters and a pack of camels. The book basically has two plot lines that don't come together until the end. They're completely different in plot and start different in tone but slowly converge somewhat, the more reality-based thread having joined the other in becoming pretty surreal.
  • The Concrete Blonde. Connelly. Bosch series 3.
  • The Kept. Scott. Excellent historical fiction set at the very end of the 1800s in rural New York state. Despite being set on Lake Erie it meets all my hallmarks for a classic period western: Horses and shotguns, ~1800s tech, a plot build around a chase and vengeance, the terrain a strong character in its own right. The book feels realistically knotted and tangled, with a number of loose threads, short appearances, idiosyncrasies, and people being people. The language is clipped, brusque, and under-punctuated, fitting right in with the tone of the book. The setting feels barren, inhospitable, alternately buried in snow and wind or mired in mud and muck, but always cold, starkly beautiful at times. Multiple characters leave you wondering how you really feel about them. A number of plot points are left open to interpretation and interpolation of what actually happened and why. It's a really compelling, unsettling book.
  • The Black Ice. Connelly. Bosch series 2.
  • The Black Echo. Connelly. Bosch series 1. Very good ~1980s Los Angeles crime novel. Nothing too extraordinary in a literary sense, but the interweaving of elements from Vietnam is compelling. The ending came out of nowhere but managed to be plausible and not a cheap shot.


  • Alias Grace. Atwood. Excellent fictionalized true story set in 1840s Canada. A young psychiatrist tries to decide if imprisoned servant Grace Marks is innocent of several murders. There is a lot going on in both their heads and it's a very captivating read.
  • The Lost Plot. Cogman. Invisible Library series 4.


  • The Lost City of Z. Grann. Really gripping accounting of the tail end of the great Victorian era of exploration, in South America. The book is somewhat hard to evaluate though because it turns out there's a strong argument it portrays the central figure in a misleadingly positive light. Without that it is an intriguing story of exploration and obsession. With that it still is, but with a heavy question of "What kind of book did I just read?"
  • The Left Hand of Darkness. Le Guin.
  • The Weight of Water. Shreve. Great mix of modern-day family drama and historical crime fiction based on real events. The historical sections are dark and captivating. The modern sections have a lot of well built tension, the denouement of which is an unexpected true gut punch.
  • The Girl in the Road. Byrne. Excellent, trippy novel set in near-future Africa. The story diminishes a bit toward the end, it feels like the author got way over extended and wanted to wrap things up. But the majority is really engaging, flipping between surreal and gritty.
  • Warehouse. Hart.


  • The Burning Page. Cogman. Invisible Library series 3.
  • The Masked City. Cogman. Invisible Library series 2.
  • The Invisible Library. Cogman. Invisible Library series 1.
  • Grant. Chernow.


  • An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. Green.
  • Lagos Noir. Abani, ed.. Collection of recent-modern crime fiction short stories set in Africa. A number of them are pretty depressing, but it's a great, uncommon setting for these kinds of stories.
  • Binti. Okorafor.


  • A God In Ruins. Atkinson.
  • Life After Life. Atkinson.
  • Tool of War. Bacigalupi.
  • The Drowned Cities. Bacigalupi.
  • Ship Breaker. Bacigalupi.
  • Cherry. Walker.
  • Mortal Engines. Reeve.
  • Sleeping Giants. Neuvel.
  • Treasure Island. Stevenson.


  • Alexander Hamilton. Chernow.


  • Dust. Howey.
  • Shift. Howey.
  • How To Stop Time. Haig
  • The Girl With All The Gifts. Carey.
  • Borne. Vandermeer.


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