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Connett-SW 2011

Village Stability Operations: More than Village Defense

Connett and Cassidy

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  author={Ty Connett and Bob Cassidy},
  title={Village Stability Operations: More than Village Defense},
  journal={Special Warfare},

"Shape: During this phase, operational elements assess threat conditions; develop a clear understanding of the human terrain, local history and other critical details related to the village/area; and begin engagement to prepare for long-term success."

"ANSF and coalition forces may need to conduct clearing operations as part of shaping efforts to create conditions conducive to progress. SOF best accomplish these clearing efforts through coordinated efforts with ANSF and coalition forces. SOF-partnered Afghan commandos are the principal forces for those operations. "

"Afghan Local Police, or ALP. "Everything ultimately has to be turned over to the Afghans.""

"Initially, SOF elements are looking for villagers and elders who will provide information to the SOF team or to the ANSF on activities (or persons) that are threatening their security. In fact, a small-rewards program exists to encourage that behavior. However, at some point during the hold phase, SOF teams will encourage village elders to initiate and incorporate a temporary locally partnered security force to defend the village from insurgents and other threats."

"[Cultural support teams, or CSTs] provide direct-support activities that range from civic-action programs, to searches, to humanitarian assistance."

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