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NOVA Hunger Games

NOVA Infinity Hunger Games

Up to 8 players per table. If we get more than 8, additional tables will be added and the participants split accordingly.

When building Army Lists, each player has 75 points and 1.5 SWC to spend with the following limitations: -A maximum of three units/models may be chosen -No Lieutenant is required. You may take 1 unit with the Lieutenant special rule, but they will not gain a Lieutenant order, nor will your force go into Loss of Lieutenant status if it is killed. -G:Servant units do not occupy space in a list, and do not count against the max 3 units/models. -Models cannot form any type of link team. -All armies and sectorials are allowed and the inclusion of Mercenary units is permitted, following their normal AVA and restrictions (standard ITS limitations). -You may bring two lists, and select which you'd like to use each round; the two lists should be simultaneously fieldable (that is, they each have their own pts limit, but share AVA between them)

Initiative: -All players roll a d20. From highest on down, this roll determines order of Marker Deployment, Troop Deployment, and Active Turns.

Deployment: -Markers must be deployed within 6" of a board edge, and at least 12" from previously deployed Markers. -Troops must be placed within 3" of the Deployment Marker. -Infiltrators, Impersonators, Mechanized Deployment and deployable equipment may deploy up to 6" from the Marker, but must remain 8" away from previously placed Markers or troops. -Impersonators are limited to IMP-2 -Airborne Deployment works as normal.

  • NOTE* Hidden and/or Airborne Deployers must arrive/reveal by the end of turn 2 or will be considered lost and counted as a casualty.

Order Generation & Command Tokens: -Players always have 1 Regular Order in addition to those Orders generated by surviving units. Lieutenant Orders do not exist, and are not generated by the Lieutenant upgrade. -2 Command Tokens per player; Tactical Use only.

  • NOTE* No first turn limitations on actions. The Hunger Games wait for nobody.

The Cornucopia: -A Cornucopia exists at the center of each table. While in base contact, an Active Model may roll on either Booty chart for an additional piece of equipment. This may be attempted multiple times, but only one additional piece of equipment may be carried; the player must choose each time. -This cannot be performed in ARO.

Care Packages: -The first time each player's force is reduced to one remaining active unit on the table, he may roll on the Metachemistry chart and apply the result to that unit.

Season Finale: -No turn limit, but... -At the beginning of Turn 4, an area 6" deep from every board edge erupts in flame. Any model beginning its active turn in or moving into the affected are suffers a DAM15 Fire hit. -If the model survives, is still affected, and is capable of movement, it is then moved directly towards the center until it is no longer in the affected area. If that route is obstructed for any reason, the model is lost and removed as a casualty. -This blaze spreads 6" further inward at the beginning of each additional Game Turn, until there is only a 12"x12" area unaffected, at which point it no longer spreads, but remains as is.

Miscellaneous: -Netrods/Imetrons auto-pass their PH test to deply and must be placed in a legal spot within 3" of the owning player's Marker. -The Retreat! Rule does not apply. There is no escape. -All forms of Smoke last until the beginngin of the player's next Active Turn, rather than the end of their current one.

Scoring: -The last 3 players with active units remaining in each round will receive 3, 2, and 1 Survivalist points respectively. -The 3 players with the most kills will receive 3, 2, and 1 Coldblooded points respectively. Keep track of Kills. Null models are considered dead for Kill point purposes, but these points are lost if the Null model returns to play. Killing a Null model does not provide additional Kill points; it just prevents the aforementioned potential loss. 1 bonus point is granted to any player successfully grabbing Booty from the Cornucopia.

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