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Wanhao I 3 Plus Power Spec

Wanhao i3+ PowerSpec

Notes for the PowerSpec version of the Wanhao i3+ sold by MicroCenter.

Print Settings

Slice in Cura.

   LayerInitialLine  ExtBed
HatchboxABSRed0. @ 0.3mmCura


Default M503:

echo:  M92 X81.00 Y81.00 Z400.50 E94.30

Stepper settings notes:

From: Jetguy
Date: May 29, 2015, 6:30:14 PM
To: wanhao-p...@googlegroups.com

yes, needs set to 400.

We know it's TR8x8 threaded rod which
  moves EXACTLY 8mm per revolution.
The know the motor is 200 steps/rev AKA 1.8 degrees per step.
We know the driver is an A4988 set to 1/16th microstepping

Motor+driver is 200 real steps/rev multiplied by
16 microsteps per real step = 3200 steps/rev

Final math 3200 steps/rev divided by 8mm/rev is
  400 steps/mm (revs cancels out)
Same kind of thing for X and Y
20t GT2 pulley driving 2mm pitch belt
One turn of the pulley is 2mm times 20(teeth) = 40mm per rev
Same math, 3200 steps/rev at the motor since it too is
  1.8 degree at 1/16th stepping
3200steps/rev divided by 40mm/rev is 80steps per mm for X and Y

The last one is the extruder. Now, the default is 96 steps per mm.
That is more or less the same concept with a twist. The drive gear
bites into the filament with a certain depth of the teeth. It's
kind of like a tire with too low a pressure or too much pressure,
the effective diameter changes. James Armstrong did the test where
you mark the filament 100mm above the extruder exactly with a
marker. You command via gcode to extrude 100mm of filament. you
check and see how much more or less it extruded from the marked
100mm Anyway, with PLA, he found it to be closer to 105.

You can either keep it default and assume that all the profiles and
instructions are based on that value for setting up Cura, or you
can calibrate on your own using the method described, or you can
try the value James got which I trust and that's
105 steps per mm for PLA.
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