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Sleep Management

Sleep Management

Make sure to sleep plenty leading up to the event

  • Make sure to prep early in previous day so night is calm
  • Don't worry too much if not possible to sleep well night before though
  • Melatonin may help induce sleep, but can leave groggy without a full night
  • Natural relaxants: Kava, chamomile, peppermint, vitamin B complex
  • Take some aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen to mitigate minor aches and pains

Sleep in multiples of sleep cycle

  • Generally ~90 minutes
  • Have crew not wake you up if they detect REM sleep
    • Rapid eye movement behind eyelids

Schedule sleep effectively

  • Ride plan should accommodate sleeping needs
    • May take experience to really know
  • Sleep only at night
    • Don't waste daylight riding hours
  • Wake up at dawn
    • Feels like slept all night

Ride safely when sleep deprived

  • Be mindful of reduced reaction time
    • Ride farther away from edge of road
      • Less of a problem at night, especially with crew tailing
    • Limit use of aero bars
      • Too comfortable and easy to fall asleep in
      • Increased time to get to brakes
  • Do not outrun headlights, go easy on descents

Tips and tricks

  • Set a timer to go off every 15 minutes to eat and drink
    • Buzzer and the activity will wake you up a bit
    • Eating and drinking is best way to combat sleep
  • Stay warm
    • Be mindful of late night, early morning chills making your drowsy
  • Move around, stand up frequently
  • Play mind games
  • Chew gum
  • Drink or take caffeine
    • Especially useful if not used to it
    • Be mindful for some people it upsets stomach, dehydrates
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