Log 2020











Log 2020

Training Log

Pain (P) ratings: 0 Nothing; 1 Noticeable; 2 Annoying; 3 Impairing; 4 Crippling; 5 Forced Stop.


Weekly Chart
2020/01/03 Walk90minZoo with Alice.
2020/01/02 Paddle2.5hrLock 60 loop. Water up due to the rain the past couple days. Under twenty minutes very light paddling to go downstream to portage. One hour steady hard paddling to get back upstream to RT29 bridge! Capsized trying to tack across the rapids there, instantly flipped over into 40F water (45F air). Got back on eventually, went downstream and then back up the canal. But a passerby on the bridge had called rescue services! Caught up with marine rescue walking down the canal, could hear boats on the river launched out of the parking lot. They were happy to know they could stop looking.
2020/01/01 Walk15minTreadmill.
2020/12/31 Road2hrWork. Trip out 40F and raining...
2020/12/30 Paddle2hrSchuylkill from Temple, 31F.
2020/12/29 Run15minTreadmill.
  Weights Lat pull 1x20x50, chest press 1x20x15, chest fly 1x20x10, shoulder shrug 1x20x10, hand grip 1x20x25
  Core Neck pull 1x20, knee raise 1x20, squat 1x20, leg lift 1x30, crunch 1x20, back extension 1x20, side extensions 1x20, toe lift 1x100
2020/12/27 DH Ski4hrBear Creek.
2020/12/26 DH Ski4hrBear Creek.
2020/12/25 Walk20minBear Creek.
2020/12/21 Walk30minNeighborhood snowman spotting with Alice and Caitlin.
2020/12/20 DH Ski2hrSpring Mountain with Alice and Caitlin. Lot of Alice time.
2020/12/19 Hike90minPulling Alice around the golf course on a sled.
2020/12/18 XC Ski1hrGolf course.
2020/12/17 Misc30minShovel.
  XC Ski75minGolf course.
2020/12/16 Paddle2hrFrom Temple boathouse, 28F, feels like 18.
2020/12/15 Hike1hrWiss.
2020/12/13 Road3hrWyola and Villanova loop with Chat.
2020/12/11 Road75minMiquon pickup.
2020/12/10 Walk1hrPark.
2020/12/08 Walk90minPark.
2020/12/06 Walk1hrZoo.
2020/12/02 Paddle2.5hrFrom Flat Rock to Fayette St. Heavy current following recent storms; outbound trip took ~100 minutes rather than the usual ~55 minutes.
2020/11/29 Paddle90minFrom Temple with Alice, Caitlin, Clare, Sarah.
2020/11/28 Road4hrNorthwest of Philly with Chat.
2020/11/27 Paddle100minLock 60 loop with Caitlin and Alice.
  Walk30minSchuylkill Center for Environmental Education with Caitlin, Alice, Lisa, Aurora.
  Walk90minTo home.
2020/11/26 MTB20minSoftpedal with Alice.
2020/11/25 Walk30min
2020/11/22 Paddle4hrConowingo Reservoir in the Susquehanna.
2020/11/21 Paddle3hrDauphin Narrows from Marysville on the Susquehanna.
2020/11/19 Walk1hrAcross river to Harrisburg.
2020/11/18 Paddle2.5hrSusquehanna in Harrisburg area from Locust St ramp in Wormleysburg.
2020/11/16 Walk60minGroceries.
2020/11/15 Paddle3hrSusquehanna River overnight. From Site 101 back to lower PGC Clemson's Island access launch. Extremely windy and choppy at times.
2020/11/14 Paddle7hrSusquehanna River overnight. From lower PGC Clemson's Island access launch to Site 101. Hard going upstream all day, sometimes very hard. Capsized once after hitting a rock abeam.
2020/11/13 Walk20minManayunk.
2020/11/10 Paddle2hrLock 60 down and then back up counter-current from the portage point. Good workout. Even with water somewhat high (cairns were underwater) this was a bit too shallow at some points, but workable.
2020/11/09 Walk90minWoods.
2020/11/07 Paddle1hrOut of Flat Rock with Caitlin and Alice.
  Road4hrFairmount Park, Wynnefield, Bryn Mawr, Old Gulph, 320, Joshua, Militia Hill, Stenton, Wayne, West River with Chat.
  Walk1hrPark loop.
2020/11/06 Road2hrOut to Miquon with Caitlin to pick up Alice.
2020/11/01 Paddle4hrFrom Lock 60: Canal loop, upriver from Black Rock Dam, another canal loop. Six portages!
2020/10/31 Paddle70minFrom Temple with Alice, Caitlin, and Mike.
  Walk90minAround Wiss with Alice, Chloe, Caitlin, and Brandon.
2020/10/30 Walk10minTreadmill.
2020/10/28 Paddle2hrFrom Flat Rock Park.
2020/10/27 Walk1hr
2020/10/25 Walk2.5hrZoo.
  Paddle2hrTemple upriver.
2020/10/24 Paddle70minTemple downriver.
2020/10/23 Walk1hrWiss.
2020/10/22 Commute20minVote.
2020/10/21 Paddle2hrTemple upriver.
2020/10/18 Road4hrMain Line, Villanova, SRT, West River w/ Chat.
2020/10/17 Paddle80minWith Alice, Caitlin, Brandon, Chloe.
2020/10/11 Paddle3hrFlat Rock Park to few minutes north of Fayette St Bridge, back down to dam, exploring portage a bit.
  MTB30minSoftpedaling around with Alice.
2020/10/10 Paddle1hrFrom Temple Boathouse with Alice, Caitlin, and Blake.
  Road3hrGladwyne to Conshohocken, back on SRT, in and back on West River, Forbidden to Gorgas.
2020/10/08 Walk1hrWiss.
2020/10/07 Walk1hrWiss.
2020/10/06 Walk15minTreadmill.
2020/10/04 Hike4hrAround river to Eakins Oval, some extra in Wiss.
2020/10/03 Walk1hr"Hike" with Alice's classmates.
  Hike3hrWiss north out to Bells Mills, back on Forbidden Dr.
2020/09/30 Walk1hr
2020/09/27 Walk2.5hrCarpenter's Woods. Ribs P1 while moving. Laying down and bending still quite bad, lifting very noticeable.
2020/09/26 Walk2.5hr 
2020/09/25 Walk1hr 
2020/09/24 Walk1hrRibs P1. In general P5 in any kind of crunch-like motion, P3 in laying flat or impact shock.
2020/09/19 Walk2hrTarget.
  Walk1hrNeighborhood loop with Alice!
2020/09/18 Walk1:35Ribs P1 walking, P2 to P3 throughout day.
2020/09/16 Walk30minRibs P4.
2020/09/15 Lazy Left ribs P5.
2020/09/13 MTB2hrFelt good, until significant hit coming down fire road to red covered bridge. Went over treefall, nothing on other side. Landed, but took seat to left lowest rib & stomach. Used a lidocaine patch to kayak later.
  Paddle1:20Wiss with Alice, Caitlin, and Brett!!
2020/09/12 Paddle2:05Furthest point yet on Flat Rock Dam approach.
2020/09/11 Road2hrMiquon, around Gladwyne, Cynwyd, MLK Dr.
2020/09/09 Paddle2:15Upstream from East Park.
2020/09/06 Paddle2hrUpstream from Flat Rock Park.
  Paddle75minUpstream from Temple Boathouse with Alice!
2020/09/05 Road2hrForbidden Dr, out near Ambler, back on Forbidden.
  Walk75minHike with Alice! Trails to Blue Stone Bridge, trails to Blue Bell Park, back across the bridge.
2020/09/04 Road70minMiquon with Caitlin and Alice.
  Weights Lat pull 1x20x50, chest press 1x20x15, chest fly 1x20x10, lat raise 1x20x5, hand grip 1x20x25
  Core Neck pull 3x30, knee raise 1x20, squat 1x20, leg lift 1x60, crunch 1x20, back extension 1x20, side extension 1x20, toe lift 1x100
2020/09/02 Road1hrChestnut Hill.
  Paddle1hrTemple downstream.
  Weights Lat pull 1x20x50
  Core Neck pull 3x30, knee raise 1x20, squat 1x20, leg lift 1x60, crunch 1x20
2020/08/30 MTB1hrWiss.
  MTB20minSoftpedal with Alice.
  Paddle2:10Temple Boathouse to approaching Flat Rock Dam.
  Walk1hrBlue Bell loop.
2020/08/28 Walk1hrWoods.
2020/08/27 Paddle1hrDownstream from Temple Boathouse.
2020/08/26 MTB90minWiss.
  MTB1hrSoftpedal with Alice down to Forbidden, back up Ridge & Rochelle.
2020/08/25 MTB1hrWiss.
2020/08/24 Walk1hrWoods.
2020/08/23 Paddle2:15From Flat Rock to Conshohocken, back down to check out dam.
  Walk25minNeighborhood with Alice and Caitlin.
2020/08/22 Paddle3hrKayak from Temple Boathouse.
2020/08/21 MTB1hrSoftpedal with Alice.
  Road1hrDowntown then East Park.
2020/08/19 Road1hr 
  MTB20minSoftpedal with Alice.
2020/08/17 MTB30minSoftpedal with Alice.
2020/08/16 Paddle90minKayak from Temple Boathouse.
2020/08/15 Paddle2hrKayak from Temple Boathouse.
2020/08/14 Walk1hrHome.
2020/08/09 MTB1:30Colorado trails with Johann.
2020/08/08 MTB1:50Utah trails with Forrest.
2020/08/05 Paddle2hrOut toward Kenmore.
2020/08/03 Walk1hrYarrow Point with Caitlin.
2020/08/02 Paddle3.25hrYarrow Point to South Lake Union in 2.5hr, then paddling around waiting to be picked up.
  Paddle1hrPulling Caitlin & Alice around in tube float.
2020/08/01 Hike2hrBarclay Lake with Caitlin, Alice.
  Swim45minTubes, SUP, tread.
2020/07/31 Hike90minBarclay Lake with Caitlin, Alice, Judy, Dave.
2020/07/30 Paddle1hrKayak.
2020/07/29 Paddle1hrKayak.
  Road1hr520 Bridge.
2020/07/26 Paddle2hrKayak to Juanita Bay, 8 miles total.
2020/07/25 Road3.5hrWith Caitlin.
2020/07/23 Paddle30minKayak.
2020/07/22 Walk2hrZoo.
2020/07/20 Swim30minKayak self-rescue.
2020/07/18 Swim30minSUP.
  Road3hrLake Washington Loop northside w/ Caitlin.
2020/07/16 Paddle1hrTo 520 bridge.
  Walk1hrAquarium and waterfront.
2020/07/15 Paddle1hrKayak.
2020/07/12 Paddle90minWith Caitlin around Hunts Point.
2020/07/11 Road3hrWith Caitlin around Mercer Island, up along Arboretum, across 520, back around Bellevue.
2020/07/10 Paddle1hrKayak.
2020/07/08 Paddle1hrKayak.
2020/07/07 Road70minErrand in Bellevue, tooling around.
2020/07/06 Paddle1hrKayak.
2020/07/05 Road2hr520 bridge, arboretum, Bellevue.
2020/07/04 Road60minPoints loop with Caitlin.
  Road20minFamily ride.
2020/07/03 Walk2hr520 bridge.
2020/06/28 Walk2hrDetroit Zoo.
2020/06/26 Road90min 
2020/06/25 Walk40min 
2020/06/24 Road1hrWith Caitlin and Alice.
2020/06/21 Road2hr 
  MTB1hrSoftpedal with Alice.
2020/06/20 Walk75min 
2020/06/19 Road1hr 
2020/06/18 Hike75min 
2020/06/16 Hike2hrWiss.
2020/06/13 Road1hrWith Alice and Caitlin.
2020/06/11 Walk1hr 
2020/06/10 MTB30minRibs P2 on bumps.
2020/06/09 Walk65min 
2020/06/08 MTB1hrForbidden Drive. Ribs P1 afterward.
2020/06/07 Walk1hr 
2020/06/06 Walk2hrErrands.
2020/06/03 Road75minRibs P1.
2020/06/02 Walk1hr 
2020/05/31 MTB15minSlowpedal with Alice.
  Road2hrOut and back on Stenton Ave.
2020/05/30 Road1hrRibs P0. Mostly only noticeable laying down, especially but not only on chest/stomach.
2020/05/26 Walk1hr 
2020/05/25 Hike2:40Ribs P0.
2020/05/24 MTB30minSoftpedal with Alice. Scout.
2020/05/23 Road30minPouring rain. Ribs P2.
2020/05/21 Hike75minWiss. Ribs P1.
2020/05/20 Walk60min 
2020/05/19 Hike80minWiss. Ribs P1.
2020/05/16 Lazy P5 ribs after escalating past ~24 hours. Pain, shortness of breath. Went to ER. CT scan. No apparent damage to spleen, lung, or ribs.
2020/05/14 Walk30minWalnut Ln.
2020/05/13 Road1hrRibs P3.
2020/05/09 Road2hrBlueBell -> Joshua -> River Rd. P1 ribs.
2020/05/03 MTB50minSoftpedaling with Alice. P1 ribs.
2020/05/02 Walk1hrRibs P2 throughout day.
2020/04/30 MTB90minRoxborough side of Wiss. Fell on creek crossing north of Wises Mill. Wheel slipped out on rock on far side embankment. Hit left elbow, ribs. P2 and kept riding trails for 15 minutes. Then P3 on ribs and headed home on Forbidden Dr. P4 ribs rest of day. Much better next day. No visible bruising.
2020/04/29 Road1hrForbidden Drive.
  MTB40minSoftpedaling with Alice.
2020/04/25 Road2hrWork loop.
2020/04/23 Walk1hrWissahickon. P4 pain in several toes, right foot, early this morning. Felt broken based on sensitivity, limited motion, inability to bear weight. Dissipated throughout day. P1 walking in evening.
2020/04/22 MTB30minWissahickon.
2020/04/19 MTB1:45Wissahickon.
2020/04/16 MTB1hrWissahickon.
  MTB1hrSoftpedaling with Alice.
2020/04/14 MTB1hrSoftpedaling with Alice.
2020/04/12 MTB1hrSoftpedaling with Alice.
2020/04/11 MTB1hrSoftpedaling with Alice.
2020/04/10 Walk1hr 
2020/04/04 Walk1hr 
2020/04/05 Walk1hr 
2020/03/27 MTB1:45Wiss.
2020/03/25 Hike75minWiss with Alice.
2020/03/22 Road1hrChestnut Hill.
2020/03/21 Hike1:50Towpath with Alice.
2020/03/20 Road1hrChestnut Hill.
2020/03/18 MTB1hrWiss.
2020/03/15 Hike2:10Wiss with Alice.
2020/03/14 MTB90minWiss.
2020/03/08 MTB75minWiss.
2020/03/07 Walk90min 
2020/03/04 Climb25minPRG.
2020/03/01 Climb30minPRG.
2020/02/28 Hike2hrWiss.
2020/02/26 Climb20minPRG.
2020/02/23 Walk2:45Neighborhood.
2020/02/22 Hike50minWiss carrying Alice.
2020/02/19 DH Ski2:15Spring Mountain.
2020/02/17 Climb30minPRG.
2020/02/15 Climb30minPRG.
2020/02/13 Walk45minTreadmill.
2020/02/12 Walk15minDaycare.
2020/02/11 Climb20minPRG.
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