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Trails Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Trails

PA State Forest rules

  • Don't need a permit if primitive camping/backpacking, not staying in a special area, and not staying more than one night in any place

DCNR state forest trails

Black Forest, PA

French Creek

Old Logger's Path

  • ~28 miles
    • Orange blazes
    • Go counter-clockwise
  • Loyalsock State Forest
  • Main entry out of Masten, PA (3.5hrs from Philly)
    • KTA notes: "Go 2.7 miles southwest of Ellenton on LR 41110 or 9.4 miles up Pleasant Stream Road from PA 14 at Marsh Hill. Look for parking near the stop sign in Masten, a ghost lumber town. The starting point is a short distance down Pleasant Stream Road."
    • "If hiking CCW, the OLP will follow Rock Run for a while before making a sharp left turn up the hill along yellow dog run. Don't go up the hill just yet. Turn right and follow yellow dog to where it joins up with Rock Run. There is NICE camping in the area,"
    • "Established campsites at both the Doe Run and Buck Run Crossings."
    • "Long Run is a neat place, quiet and serene, with a couple of nice campsites."
    • Campsites must be at least 100 feet from water and at least 25 feet from the trail (some areas have designated tent sites, the OLP does not).
  • Nice waterfall just off trail on Yellow Dog Run (link)
  • Recent comments on this blog post
  • Serious fording at Pleasant Stream (expect wet feet)
  • Call Loyalsock District Office, 570-946-4049, to double check any road closures
  • Rattlesnakes
  • MAH Notes & Map
  • DCNR Map
  • CalTopo Map


  • ~60 miles
    • Yellow disc blazes (double on turns), or yellow bars w/ red stripes

Wind Gap

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