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Sidirourgos-VLDB 2008

Column-Store Support for RDF Data Management: Not All Swans are White

Sidirourgos, Goncalves, Kersten, Nes, Manegold

rdf triple store vertical partition column store semantic web

  title={Column-Store Support for {RDF} Data Management:
         Not All Swans are White},
  author={Sidirourgos, L. and Goncalves, R. and Kersten, M.
          and Nes, N. and Manegold, S.},
  journal={Proceedings of the {VLDB} Endowment},
  publisher={{VLDB} Endowment}

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Revisits paper by Abadi et al on vertically partitioned triple stores

Could not substantiate that vertical partitioning outperformed triple store in a row-oriented DB

Vertical partitioning is well suited to column store DBs

  • Generally dominant performance

Vertical partitioning has potential scalability problems when the number of properties is high

Long tail requires efficient handling of small sets

  • Overhead of having a table for each
  • Leads to huge queries, quantifying over predicates

Loading, clustering, nad index construction kept outside benchmark as the RDF data is assumed to be largely read-only

Cold runs vs hot runs to get at cache effects

Real time vs user time

RDF triple-storage in MonetDB/SQL and DBX

Triple store maded of three tables

  • Clustered on (subject, property, object)
  • Unclustered on (property, object, subject)
  • Unclustered on (object, subject, property)

Vertical partitioning creates table for each property, clusters by subject

Have to look at how vertical partitioning scales with number of properties in query

  • Test this by taking the data set and arbitrarily dividing properties into multiple new properties

Also implement (p, s, o) in column store

Barton libraries data set

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