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Rohloff-OTM 2007

An Evaluation of Triple-Store Technologies for Large Data Stores

Rohloff, Dean, Emmons, Ryder, Sumner

rdf semantic web triple store evaluation query

  title={An Evaluation of Triple-Store Technologies for Large Data Stores},
  author={Rohloff, K. and Dean, M. and Emmons, I. and
           Ryder, D. and Sumner, J.},
  booktitle={On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2007: OTM 2007 Workshops},

Looks at Sesame, Jena, and Allegro in working with large datasets

Primarily LUBM datasets, mentions University Ontology Benchmark

Metrics: Load time, repository size, response time

  • Cumulative load time: How long to long data and ontologies (hours!)
  • Query response time: Mean of execution time over four identical queries
  • Completeness: Complete iff returns all correct responses
  • Soundness: Sound iff only returns correct responses
  • Disk-Space usage: Amount of disk space used to load data and ontologies

Multiple styles of query used

  • Low volume, low complexity (Lehigh query 1)
  • High volume, low complexity (Lehigh query 2)
  • High complexity (Lehigh query 9)
  • High volume: Large portion of data returned in result set
  • Complexity: Substantial processing time required

Queries manually ported for different input languages

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