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Mc Grath-AIW 2000

Intelligent Mobile Agents in Military Command and Control

McGrath, Chacon, Whitebread

mobile agents c2

  title={Intelligent Mobile Agents in Military Command and Control},
  author={McGrath, S. and Chac{\'o}n, D. and Whitebread, K.},
  booktitle={Agents in Industry Workshop at the
             International Conference on Autonomous Agents},

Common applications

  • Information push
  • Information pull
  • Sentinel information monitoring

Features of domain

  • Constraints on network reliability and bandwidth
  • Intermittently connected
  • Domain-dependent information processing
  • Complex, autonomous information processing on large heterogenous data resources

Mobile agents :(

  • Stationary services
  • Docks provide platform
  • Carry computing to data rather than data to computing

Reduce information dissemination and retrieval latencies

Querying for data by abstract concepts rather than database schema

Alert on conflicts in air mobility plans

  • Critical emergency missions overriding channel operations

Agents constructed as either itineraries or finite-state machines

  • Services aren't goal-oriented or have directed activity
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