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Aleph Recommendations

Aleph Recommendations


Posthumans. This is the one trooper you will always field, no matter what. My favourite combo is: Mk1 Hacker, Mk2 Assault Hacker, Mk5 Forward Observer. This set costs 1/45, gives you effectively a 6 wound specialist with BS13 and WIP15, that can also be all over the field at the same time. You can also deploy the Mk2 in Hidden Deployment without losing its order!

Netrods. 4 point regular orders that also have strong synergy with the Posthumans. You will probably take all three every time.

Arguably one of the best TAGs in the whole game, with ARM8, BS15, Multi HMG AND MSV2. This combined with the ample supply of smoke grenades (hello 16 point Myrmidon) makes Marut the king of the active turn.

The Total Reaction HMG bot has both Climbing Plus and AVA 2. Sophotect. WIP 15 Doctor and engineer with 6-4 MOV, one of the best specialists in the game.

Patroclus. I know he is from Steel Phalanx, but he fits to vanilla Aleph perfectly. He is pricey, but he is also well protected due to Holo2, ODD and Smoke Grenades, and most importantly he does not have the Frenzy characteristic.

Garuda w/ Spitfire. With mimetism and BS12 it has the perfect combination of skills for active turn rampage. If you can also somehow manage to pop the Assisted Fire supportware on it too, it basically becomes unstoppable.

Dakinis. Boost them with Assisted Fire, and they become quite effective killers with their 6-4 MOV and Mimetism.

Agema w/ Mk12, with the X Visor (which works simultaneously with the MSV2) and a weapon that can go in to suppressive fire, this is in my opinion by far the most useful profile.

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